3-D printing has been a buzzword in the plastic industry for quite a while now. But as time continues, it is no longer contained to just plastics, but has found its way into metal, glass, and even the food industry. Well, the list has just been expanded to include the construction industry.

So, you may be asking yourself why is this such a big breakthrough in the construction industry. Well with traditional construction methods, time and money are often a factor in making or breaking a project. With the human factor thrown into the project, sometimes you never know what may go wrong with a building contract.

By implementing 3-D printing it provides a faster and less expensive way to build buildings then the traditional methods allow. Not only, can a building’s exterior be customized, but the interior is also being customized based on the needs of a client.

The breakthrough by MIT can ultimately allow for different approaches to create structures that were otherwise impossible. In addition to the new building possibilities, it can also be a safer approach to building construction. For one, the fall factor is virtually eliminated. A construction crew may only need a few people instead of large crews.

If you want to read more on 3-D printing in the construction industry you can check it out here. What other benefits do you see of implementing 3-D Printing?