As you know Mosser recently participated in the National Fall Protection Stand-Down campaign by conducting Safety Stand Downs on our projects. If you missed the article you can find it here. As we continue to celebrate June as National Safety month, we thought it would be appropriate to share with you what Mosser continues to implement daily to help keep our crews at our work places. Here are some reasons why Mosser continues to lead the industry in safety standards.

Mosser believes that accidents are first prevented through adequate training of all our staff. For all our supervisory personnel, they must go through a 30-hour OSHA training program. In addition to our supervisory personnel, we also focus on preventing accidents by implementing a safety program and provides on-going training for all employees.

With our job sites changing daily, the workplace hazards we face vary from job to job, so we choose to employee an in-house risk manager. His job is to handle all claims from our employees fairly and in a timely fashion. He also helps to promote safe work environments and continues to act as our safety director.

As our experience in the industry improves, so do our safety standards. We are granted the privilege of being self-insured for worker’s compensation. Less than one half of one percent of employers in Ohio qualify for this privilege. This is by far our highest safety endorsement and pride ourselves in continuous safety improvement. If you are interested in learning more about our safety program, you can find all the information here.