• University of Toledo College of Pharmacy & Collier Classroom

    The Pharmacy Building created new lab and research spaces, offices and instructional spaces. The project consisted of construction and renovation. The major challenge was to
  • Bowling Green State University Stroh Center

    The Stroh Center provides athletes and spectators with modern amenities in a state-of-the-art venue for concerts, commencement, lectures, and campus and community events. The home for
  • Hopewell-Loudon PK-12 School

    The Hopewell-Louden school is separated into high school and elementary school wings. In each of the wings, there are several cut-out areas, nooks where students
  • Beverly K-8 School

    The 91,728 sf Beverly K-8 School boasts more than 25 state-of-the-art classrooms equipped with visual display surfaces such as SmartBoards and ceiling-mounted projectors.  The gymnasium
  • University of Toledo Simulation Center

    The University of Toledo’s Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center is using technology found nowhere else in the world. Here, students and practitioners get hands-on experience with procedures,
  • Riverside Elementary School

    Riverside Elementary houses kindergarten through grade 5.  Mosser’s contract for this 60,000 sf elementary school included all concrete and masonry work, with translucent light shelves at
  • UT Simulation Center - Atrium


    UT Simulation Center
  • Higher Education

    BGSU University Hall Renovation
  • battery plant expansion

    Industrial Manufacturing/Warehouse Facilities

    battery plant expansion
  • Toledo Bay View Treatment Plant

    Water Treatment

    Toledo Bay View Treatment Plant
  • The Huntington Center


    the Huntington Center
  • Renovation

    Sandusky County Courthouse
  • Office Buildings

    Fifth Third Bank
  • Highway Projects

  • Retail

    Rave Cinema
  • Training Centers

    Penta Career Center
  • LEED Certified Projects

  • PK-12 Education

    New Lorain High School

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