Project Features

The University of Toledo’s $36 million Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center project consists of administration space and the Hillebrand Center, which simulates medical cases for student training.

The first floor focuses on virtual immersion reality (VIR) spaces, which include virtual equipment and educational use, as well as CAD walls and a holographic theater.  Some of this equipment will have the ability to reach other spoke sites on the main campus, other U.S. sites, and potentially around the world.

The second floor is primarily medical training related, such as student and industry training on simulation equipment related to nursing, surgical, and general training.  This area also emphasizes virtual and dry-lab spaces.

The third floor of the center includes the majority of the hands-on wet-lab training, which is related to surgical skills and/or spaces with cadaver use.  The main focus of this floor is a large operating room that has ability to have multiple training functions for large or small groups.

The roof level will collect rainwater and funnel it into a harvesting collection system, which will be reused to flush toilets.

It is this type of green technology that allows this project to pursue LEED Silver Certification.

  • UT Simulation Center - Atrium


    UT Simulation Center
  • Higher Education

    BGSU University Hall Renovation
  • battery plant expansion

    Industrial Manufacturing/Warehouse Facilities

    battery plant expansion
  • Toledo Bay View Treatment Plant

    Water Treatment

    Toledo Bay View Treatment Plant
  • The Huntington Center


    the Huntington Center
  • Renovation

    Sandusky County Courthouse
  • Office Buildings

    Fifth Third Bank
  • Highway Projects

  • Retail

    Rave Cinema
  • Training Centers

    Penta Career Center
  • LEED Certified Projects

  • PK-12 Education

    New Lorain High School

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