It is with great pride that we at Mosser Construction share that Kay Zekany has written a book about St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Church in Port Clinton, which Mosser helped construct decades prior. The book is titled “Windows into Heaven,” and focuses on the many icons the church houses.

The book is dedicated to Kay’s father, Andy, who was a foreman at Mosser Construction and led the crew that built the church. Andy was also a lifelong member of St. Mary Byzantine and took part in many of its social activities before passing away in 2011.

st-byzantine-catholic-church-mosser-project“These structures – he has a little bit of his blood in all of them,” Kay recently told the Port Clinton News Herald.

Kay decided to write the book several years ago after admiring the icons while sitting in church with her husband and father. After extensive research, Kay discovered the history and meanings of each of them. She also shares in her book that icons were originally constructed as a way of sharing biblical stories with the many people who were illiterate at the beginning of the church’s history.

While conducting her research, Kay was so moved by what she was learning that she decided to take an icon painting class. It was during this time that she discovered the spiritual process that goes into creating each icon.

Mosser would like to congratulate Kay on writing and dedicating “Windows into Heaven” to her late father. It is always rewarding to hear stories about how our employees and work has helped bring happiness into the lives of others.

Copies of “Windows into Heaven” are for sale at St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Church and on