City of Amherst Water Pollution Improvements

This project included structures consisting of concrete or concrete and masonry included a duel channel Oxidation Ditch, RAS Pumping Building, Headworks Building, Tertiary Filter Building, Blower/ Thickener Building, Final Clarifier Tank, Sludge Drying Pad, Sludge Loadout Station, and new Maintenance Building.

The existing Tertiary Backwash Control tank was converted to a Plant Drain Tank, Anaerobic Digester was converted to a Sludge Storage Tank, two existing Final Clarifiers were modified with new equipment including Center Drive Cage, Feedwell, Suction Header & Manifold Assembly, weirs, baffles and launder covers.

Existing structures demolished included Primary Clarifier, Gravity Thickener, Primary Settling Tanks, Dosing Tank, Sludge Holding Tank, Bar Screen Building, Pump Building, Tertiary Filter Building, Chlorine Contact Tank and Trickling Filter Complex.

Location: Amherst, Ohio