The key to preparing for the future is not only keeping your current employees educated, but teaching young people those trades as well. That’s why Mosser Construction always makes it a priority to educate young people wanting to pursue a career in the construction industry.

Throughout the years, Mosser has offered countless students internships, hands-on training, scholarships and other opportunities to help those looking to pursue a career in the construction industry. These opportunities give students an inside look at the construction industry and how they can better prepare for their future careers.

That’s why we were excited to learn that some engineering students at an Ohio high school recently had a chance to get onsite at a bridge reconstruction project to really get up close and personal and see the engineering design process on a very large scale. While the bridge project isn’t one of Mosser’s we’re happy to see the Ohio DOT working to bring students outside of the classroom for that real world experience that’s often hard to gain.

When students work with the staff at Mosser, they also gain real world knowledge. They see what happens with a project from start to finish and how everyone has to work together in order for a project to be successful. In addition to seeing how projects are designed using advanced software and diagrams, students also visit construction sites to see these designs come together in real life. This step is critical in helping students understand how design is translated in every aspect of the project from drawings to fabrication to build and everything in between.

By being onsite, students can also see how adjustments are sometimes made once a construction project begins. A project may need to be altered due to unforeseeable hurdles, but being able to make the right adjustments can allow projects to still be completed on time and on budget.

Mosser also helps students gain the classroom knowledge needed to become successful. The company awards the Robert H. Moyer scholarship to a college student who wants to have an impact in the construction industry. The 2016 scholarship was awarded to an engineering student at the University of Cincinnati who wants to have an impact on the Ohio construction industry.

In addition to helping students prepare for a career in the construction industry, the staff at Mosser also finds it rewarding to work with young people. Their excitement and enthusiasm helps energize our staff while their questions and comments help remind us of the importance of all our jobs.

Designing and building structures is great, but helping young people pursue their passion is more rewarding than any of us could have ever imagined!

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