stairwayMosser Construction was the general contractor for the total restoration of the Henry County Courthouse in downtown Napoleon, Ohio. The 4-story building offers architectural detailing of the high Victorian architectural style, reminiscent of the 1880s. A very limited work space was intensified by heavy traffic in the downtown area and an extraordinarily steep roof.

The challenge to protect and restore historical building components was faced by Mosser Construction in the renovation of this historic structure. The tower and Lady of Justice statue, 150’ high above the sidewalk, could only be accessed by swinging stage scaffolding anchored above. The steeply pitched roof was replaced with natural slate, rising 10’ above the main cornice. The cornices and dormers were repaired and the pointing of masonry and stonework was completed. Wood and double glazed energy efficient windows were installed, and gutters and downspouts were reworked. The grandeur of the interior was restored by reopening the doorways and exposing hidden ceilings. Building fixtures were refurbished or replaced. Nineteenth century fixtures were upgraded and now enhance an exposed and open staircase and its original ironwork with slate treads and landings. Heating and air conditioning was also added. The historic structure was gracefully integrated with computers and features upgraded fire, life safety warning lights for detection.

Location: Napoleon, Ohio