We are seeing more and more innovative building designs come in the most unexpected places… one of those is in Higher Education. Gone are the days of chalkboards and floor tiles. Here is a list of just three trends that we see emerging in this new market.

Classroom Design

Gone are the rows and rows of desks and chairs. Classrooms are getting a facelift to go along with the new tactics being implemented in teaching strategy. The classrooms are being shifted to reflect a more collaborative environment. No longer are teachers talking and students are dutifully taking notes. Teachers and students are working together to collaborate and grow together. Not only are these new classrooms friendlier and more inviting. They are being found on campuses nationwide.

Flexible Space Concepts

With classrooms becoming more collaborative, the space needs to be more flexible. Usually there is one layout that works in a classroom… all desks are facing the front white board. High Education institutions are discovering that as the time progresses and so do students, that the teaching methods must as well. More institutions are creating a media-rich lesson plan and with that comes with the need to move the classroom around to fit the needs of the students.

Repurposing of Library Space

Gone are the days of having to go to the library and having to pull books and photo copy the pages or check them out to borrow. The digital movement has put the damper on the traditional library, and schools are realizing that these libraries are becoming dead zones. As we move further into the digital era, schools are converting these spaces into lounges and group study zones fully equipped with computer labs and projection screens.