Historic Maumee Theatre Renovation

Maumee Indoor - ExteriorOriginally opened in 1946 as a modern movie house, the Maumee Indoor Theater is now listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

With over 50 years of activity to its credit, the theatre closed and remained vacant for seven years. When proposed development failed to materialize, the City of Maumee stepped in to revitalize their “tarnished star.” The historic icon in uptown Maumee now sports the best of its original design and additional amenities including two theaters plus a community room available for business and social events.

Working within the stringent guidelines of the Historic Register, Mosser Construction refurbished the original façade through innovative techniques and old-fashioned hard work. Guidelines stated that 70% of the original elements were to be preserved. Mosser Construction exceeded this requirement by maintaining 97% of the original façade, replacing just 3% of the materials that could not be refurbished.

Location: Maumee, Ohio