Two of Mosser Construction’s talented bricklayer apprentices recently participated in the MCAA (Mason Contractors Association) of America Skills Challenge. The event coincided with the open house of the new bricklayers training facility in Amherst, Ohio.  Mike Roberts, First Year Apprentice, and Jon Weininger, Second Year Apprentice, each participated in their respective levels of the contest.

Contestants are divided by experience level, “First Year” who are just entering the trade through “Third Year” who are just entering the workforce as journeymen.  Each level is given a project to build commensurate to their skill level. The contestant must build their respective projects without having seen the drawings prior to the contest.  They are not given any time to practice and cannot consult with their instructor or anyone else throughout the contest. They have three hours to complete the project with the materials provided to them.

Contestants are judged on the following criteria for a total of 200 possible points:

  • Plumb (0-30)
  • Manipulation (0-20)
  • Level (0-30)
  • Tooling and neatness (0-10)
  • Square and range (0-20)
  • Full joints (0-20)
  • Measurements (0-20)
  • Aesthetics (0-10)
  • Correct design (0-20)
  • Production (0-20)

Taking first place in the Second Year contest was Jon Weininger!  He will be heading to Las Vegas in January 2018 to compete in the Bricklayer 500 Contest!  We would also like to recognize Mike Roberts who did a fantastic job in the First Year contest!

We are proud to have both of these talented bricklayer apprentices on board at Mosser!

Jon Weininger with his Second Year Contest MCAA Skills Challenge Award

Jon Weininger with his First Place  MCAA Skills Challenge Award in the Second Year Level contest

Mike Roberts, First Year Bricklayer Apprentice