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Greg Drown, Masonry Manager, has been with Mosser since 1989. In that time he’s served the company, his team, and our customers well. It’s why we were so thrilled to find a couple articles posted about some of his accomplishments outside of his Mosser work.

Articles in Shooting Sports USA and the USA Today affiliate out of Fremont The News-Messenger share insight into his para-athlete coaching activities. Greg has not allowed his diagnosis of MS to slow him down when it comes to his love of shooting sports. Persevering through his own physical roadblocks was a personal mission. Once those goals were realized, he knew that if he could help just one person, it would all be worth it.

Read on to hear the story of Greg meeting Taylor Farmer, an 18-year old teen competitive shooter with cerebral palsy, and what led to his becoming her coach as she prepares for the Para-Olympics in 2020.