New Lorain High School

Lorain High School was the last school in the district’s 12-year building program. The 400,000 square foot building features 21st century learning environments and is designed to look and feel like a college campus.

A mural of Lorain Lighthouse covers a hallway wall and reaches from the first to the second floor near the media center. Additionally, bricks from the previous Southview, Lorain, and Admiral King High Schools were also incorporated into a wall mural to show that the three schools have come together as one. On the second-floor is a 12-foot-wide pass through to the other buildings featuring four classrooms encased in glass.  A new welding program joins a Computer Aided Design lab and multi-media classrooms. On the east side of the building, a Yellow Brick Road from Lorain High School is visible in a glass-enclosed sports hall of fame. Just inside the building, medallions from Admiral King and Southview adorn the floor.  The new school also boasts an 800-seat auditorium and career-technical rooms, 386 security cameras and a triple gymnasium.

Location: Lorain, Ohio