Rogers High School & Construction Careers Academy Working Lab

The $32,329,000, Rogers High School serves a population of 1,140 students. It offers a traditional high school experience, as well as a career track and integrated programming for students with special needs.

This unique project provided perspective for Rogers’ construction trades students.  One of only a few in the United States, Toledo’s Construction Careers Academy (CCA) housed in Rogers High School offers high school students a college preparatory curriculum with a focus on construction.  This program prepares students for entering construction apprenticeship programs straight out of high school.

Unique project features include:

      • This challenging masonry project features two career training pods with 14 corners and just one angle with a student monitoring station at the main intersection of the building
      • Laying of 410,000 blocks, plus a veneer of 156,000 utility bricks, 67,000 additional split face blocks

Location: Toledo, Ohio
Project Size: 227,000 sf