Completed with a strong endorsement from the owner, Mosser Construction handled this $6.42 million bridge project, which included the following impressive details:

      • 363’ long bridge on two piers built using pre-stressed concrete beams
      • Construction of a temporary road and railroad crossing, plus continual maintenance, for a high volume of automotive and train traffic
      • Placement of 90,000 cy of embankment
      • Construction of a mechanically stabilized Earth wall
      • Placement of 3,986 lf of storm conduits
      • Placement of 1,986 lf of 12 and 16-in waterlines
      • Placement of 1,291 cy of Durafill, a lightweight engineered fill used for the first time in Ohio by ODOT on a roadway
      • 8,200 lf of cast-in-place reinforced concrete piles
      • Unstable soil conditions throughout the project site
      • Existing 72” main sewer feed built in 1958 located under the new bridge, bridge supports and roadway approaches

“Mosser did a super job.  They would come to us and say, ‘You need to know…’ and we would do the same back with them.  Mosser was just great to work with.

Terrel Henry
Assistant Train Master
Norfolk Southern Corp.