Mosser Construction is proud to announce that the full service maintenance facility in Pauling County is well on its way to being completed shortly after the first of the year.

The project’s goal is to provide more storage and workspace for ODOT employees in Paulding County. The updated facilities include building a 32,000 sf maintenance garage, a 13,000 sf salt dome and a two additional 12,000 sf storage units.

The project first began in April and has already seen the completion of some of the buildings.

“We have completed the salt barn and alternate storage building and are currently erecting the maintenance building,” said Project Manager Shawn Tooman. “The cold storage building will be completed last.”

The 32,000 sf maintenance barn is the most impressive structure being built and will be nearly three times larger than any other structure being constructed during this project. The barn will include an above ground fuel system, a decanting station for basin waste, a wash bay for trucks, and additional space for mechanics and truck storage.

Mosser completed the salt barn in September, just in time to store salt that will be used on roadways this winter. The new salt barn can hold up to 4,000 tons of salt, which is about 25% more than the previous structure.

This project has been particularly important to Mosser Construction because it is helping ODOT keep roadways safe. By building additional storage and maintenance buildings, ODOT is better able to serve the people of Paulding County and provide clear and well maintained roadways for drivers.