Oregon Clean Energy Combined Cycle Fuel Fired Power Plant

Mosser Construction was a subcontractor to construction manager, Black & Veatch, completing the substructures package for this project. The substructures package includes completing 1,200 auger cast piles, 110 drilled piers, and all concrete associated with the project, which amounted to approximately 23,000 cubic yards.

Mosser self-performed all concrete work associated with the project.  This entailed completing underground duct banks, pile caps, slabs, and large foundation for the equipment associated with the plant.

Some of the large concrete work included, Steam Turbine Generator (STG) foundation, two Combustion Turbine (CT 11 and 12) foundations, the two Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG 11 and 12) foundations, the cooling tower foundation, and the main building slab.

Location: Oregon, Ohio