Fenner Dunlop Building Toledo Ohio Mosser

Fenner Dunlop: New Facility                          (96-Inch Solution Project)

Port Clinton, Ohio

With the completion of their project known as the 96-inch solution, Fenner-Dunlop now produces the widest conveyor belts available for the world for mining and quarry operations.

Mosser completed 37 alignment plates in floor slabs and machinery pits.

Independent testing confirmed zero deficiencies in both elevation and placement tolerances specified to the millimeter by equipment manufacturers from Italy and Germany.

The facility features a 47′ clear height and includes one 50-ton as well as two 75-ton cranes.

“The quality of the workmanship was outstanding and the performance of the Mosser personnel on site throughout the project were professional and well-managed.”

 Mike Hock, Vice President at Fenner-Dunlop