Hopewell-Loudon School District: New K-12 School

Bascom, Ohio

Located in Bascom, Ohio, the new Hopewell-Loudon K-12 school is separated into high school and elementary school wings.  In each of the wings, there are several cut-out areas, or nooks, where students can work in groups or independently to complete missed tests or assignments.  Windows to these areas allow teachers to view the students while they are working. Each classroom is equipped with an overhead projector which projects onto a white board with the ability to connect computers. 

Located in the high school wing is the media center which is available to all grade levels, while a reading room in the southeast corner includes electric blinds to control lighting.

The addition of science labs is something new for grades 6 through 9 and enhances the educational experience through experiments and hands-on learning. For grades 10 through 12, the science rooms are divided into two areas, one for teaching and the other for experiments.

The building is also equipped with an elevator and additional cushioned seating throughout for reading or additional group work.