Collins Park Toledo Basin 7 & 8 Improvements

Toledo, Ohio

The construction of Basins 7 & 8 to provide additional capacity and redundancy for city of Toledo’s current water treatment facility. Prior to this project the City of Toledo had Basin’s 1-6; each basin is capable of treating 20 million gallons of drinking water each day. With the addition of basins 7 & 8, the City of Toledo is now able to take basins out of service, during high flow summer months, to complete routine maintenance while not impacting the City’s overall water production. Construction on these contracts began in August of 2017 and are scheduled to complete in April of 2020.

Prior to the start of construction existing utilities had to be relocated to allow for excavation of the new basins.  The foundation design for the South Filters (which was the projects critical path) included a plan to stockpile soils and monitor settlement for up to six months after utilities were relocated.  This was not possible due to amount of work that had to occur in this area so Mosser Construction approached the Engineer of Record and proposed a foundation redesign.  The foundation redesign was mutually beneficial as it provided a much better end product to the City of Toledo and saved Mosser Construction valuable time.

This project included many hurdles; one such hurdle was working with the City of Toledo to get their sludge Lagoon cleaned and ready to accept the basin 7 & 8 excavation.  The contract documents indicated the City of Toledo would have a separate contractor on site cleaning sludge from the Lagoon until March of 2018, at which time Mosser Construction could take excavated soils from basins and rebuild the west wall of the Lagoon.  Unfortunately the contractor cleaning the Lagoon was having difficulty disposing of the sludge and was months behind schedule, thus Mosser Construction could not start excavation of the basins which created a major problem for all parties.  In order to mitigate this delay Mosser Construction was able to find a dump site willing to accept the city’s soils so excavation of Basin 7 & 8 could occur.  By finding a dump site this allowed excavation to continue while allowing the City to continue cleaning the lagoon.

Basin 7 & 8 contracts included tying our new basins into the existing physical structure of the water plant along with many of their water treatment processes.  Throughout construction of this contract it included countless coordination meetings, phone calls and e-mails to ensure our work would not impact the City of Toledo’s ability to provide the residents safe and abundant drinking water.