In order to help celebrate Safety Awarnesss Month, we wanted to work off with a common complaint that spans across the construction industry. Workplace accidents are a large contributor to missed work time by employees. Every day Mosser works to help reduce workplace accidents. Here are some common accidents and ways to prevent them within your organization.

Muscle Strains & Pains

Back pains are the largest complaint when it comes to a physical job. Construction comes with an increased risk to back injury because of the repetitive movements or working in awkward positions. Just remember that it’s easier to prevent strain injuries then it is to try to fix them later.

The key to preventing muscle strains is through basic training with your staff. Even though it can be redundant make sure you walk through proper lifting techniques (at least) yearly with your staff.

Slips & Trips

Unfortunately, slips and falls are a far too frequent part of the construction working environment. Fall hazards can be created from wet patches, rain, and spills. Luckily, there are some simple measures you can take to help reduce and prevent them, including specialized non-slip footwear that is conducive to the construction environment.


In the construction industry, our crews are often faced with having to work in high rise buildings which falls become a great risk. Even if our crews aren’t working from skyscrapers, they can also be working around ladders or chairs to get something out of reach.

Companies should make a practice of training their employees to not use unsuitable platforms (chairs, tables, etc.) to access heights. Make sure your company has policies and procedures for working safely at various heights.

Mosser Construction makes safety a high priority in their work zones. Check out our expansive safety program and work with us to commit to safety across all construction work places.