Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is an integral part of every task performed in carrying out the duties of Mosser Construction.​

In 1995, the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation, which regulates and continually audits Worker’s Compensation, granted Mosser Construction, Inc., the privilege to be self-insured. Less than one half of one percent of employers in the State of Ohio meet their strict standards and are granted this privilege. Mosser Construction has met the strict standards by maintaining:

An Excellent Historical EMR

  • A written safety program in place defining field directives, along with a safety manual​
  • Sound financial strength​
  • An in-house risk manager, responsible for handling claims fairly, in a timely fashion​
  • Full-time, on-site safety professionals to promote a safe work environment​
  • All Mosser supervisory personnel are 30-Hour OSHA trained​
  • At Mosser, we focus on prevention through an excellent safety program and active training for all employees.​

Mossers Safety Program

  • Is based upon an exceptionally strong upper-management commitment​
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA standards​
  • Requires quality and proactive training for all employees​
  • Is administrated and managed by full-time, on-site safety professionals​
  • Results in an excellent EMR (Experience Modification Rating)​
  • Includes in-house risk manager/safety director​
  • Ensures employee safety and sound financial strength​
  • Includes project superintendents who have completed 30-hour OSHA Certification​
  • Is the recipient of the Associated General Contractors’ 2005 Safety Excellence Award​

Self-insured for Workers’ Compensation, Mosser has the highest safety endorsement a firm can receive from the State of Ohio.
​Less than one percent of companies in Ohio have been granted this privilege.

“I was impressed with the attention towards safety on the site…As a result, we suffered no lost time injuries during the building phase in an environment that was very busy with big equipment and heavy loads moving around all day”

Fenner-Dunlop Plant Addition


  • UT Simulation Center - Atrium


    UT Simulation Center
  • Higher Education

    BGSU University Hall Renovation
  • battery plant expansion

    Industrial Manufacturing/Warehouse Facilities

    battery plant expansion
  • Toledo Bay View Treatment Plant

    Water Treatment

    Toledo Bay View Treatment Plant
  • The Huntington Center


    the Huntington Center
  • Renovation

    Sandusky County Courthouse
  • Office Buildings

    Fifth Third Bank
  • Highway Projects

  • Retail

    Rave Cinema
  • Training Centers

    Penta Career Center
  • LEED Certified Projects

  • PK-12 Education

    New Lorain High School

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