Beautiful architecture is all around us. From stunning cathedrals in France to modern museums in Canada. However, some of the most world-class architecture comes in the form of music venues. This article goes through some of the world most exquisite music venues. The world’s best orchestra’s play in these venues. Here are a few of our favorites mentioned in the article.

Walt Disney Concert Hall- Los Angeles, USA
The Walt Disney Concert Hall is home to the famous Phillharmonic orchestra, that is currently directed by Gustavo Dudamel. The music filling this venue isn’t the only exciting feature about it, but it features very modern and different architecture. It is made to look like a “huge flower” that has smooth and angled forms.

Guangzhou Opera House, China
Our 2nd favorite can be found in Guangdong Sheng right on the waters of the Pearl River. The design features a free-standing concrete auditorium with exposed granite and a glass front. The design was ground breaking for its time and still stands as a breath-taking view for the 21st century.

Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, Singapore
The Explanade Theatre in Singapore is one of the most unique and expansive designs featured in the article. It boasts two round frames that have more than 7000 triangular glass sunshades. The orchestra hall is home to the Singapore Symphony Orchestra who regularly plays in the concert hall, which has over 1600 seats. The venue is not only a music hall, but has a separate theater for plays and dance performances, which seats over 2000.

Whether your taste is Bach or Beethoven, you’re sure to get the perfect experience at these venues. Check out this article to read the entire list and learn more about these top music venues.