Toledo Clinic Pain Management/Neurology Remodel

toledo pain clinicThe renovations to the neurology and pain management suites at the Toledo Clinic impacted two adjacent spaces consisting of approximately 4,500 sf.  The neurology suite scope of work involved complete renovation, while the pain management side was slightly smaller in scope.  All areas received walls to isolate the space, paint/wallpaper, flooring, acoustical ceilings, solid core wood doors and casework.  Thin brick veneer was added to one office and the waiting area to help bring the outdoors inside.

Phase two was dedicated to making the space more functional for the pain management practice. Working second shift, Mosser completed the renovation, all while the entire suite was occupied.  The majority of the work consisted of expanding the nurse’s station and adding a new C-arm room.  The nurse’s station essentially doubled in size, creating more space for the growing staff.  The C-arm room was a completely new area, which houses a specialized piece of X-ray equipment, requiring the application of lead-lined drywall.

The majority of the suite received finish from flooring to wall coverings to paint.  A few doors were added or relocated and casework was installed in specific areas.  The office manager also received an updated office.

Location: Toledo, Ohio