Valentine Theatre Renovation-Exterior

Val6This restoration of the Valentine Theatre was more than just the refurbishment of an old building. It demanded special expertise and the master craftsmanship of hundreds of workers. Working in unison, they accomplished what years of neglect had destroyed. The rich and beautiful architecture detailing that had been destroyed was brought back to life.

The soft, crumbling walls vital to the support of the structure were stabilized, one small section at a time. Utilizing hand sketches from the 1800s, 1890 Victorian-style architectural details were reinvented as can be seen in the colors, fabrics, swag materials, and mahogany woods used on the project.

The original roof was made of hollow clay tile, pressure fit between steel beams. New openings through this fragile roof system had to be done section by section, not allowing too much to be opened at any one time. Above the stage area, three smoke doors, 6’ x’ 12’, were installed by cutting through the clay tile roof system. Mosser Construction methodically cut each opening in the roof, relying on years of skill and experience to put in the openings while maintaining the integrity of the roof so it would not collapse.

A large hole was knocked into the west wall to give access to an 80’ tall crane that was used to lift new steel trusses, 70’ long by 13’ deep, which support the new ballet floor. A drilling rig was used to install 25 concrete caissons to support the stage area.

A natural wood beamed ceiling of birch was hand crafted by Mosser Construction’s master carpenters, along with wood border designs that accent the front of the balconies and match the new side boxes bordering the proscenium. These were created to look like the original theaters of the late 1800s.

Awards & Recognition:

  • 2001 – Downtown Ohio, Inc. – Sponsored by the City of Toledo
  • 2001 – Golden Trowel Award – Sponsored by the International Masonry Institute
  • 2000 – Build America Award Renovation Category – Sponsored by the Association of General Contractors
  • 1999 – Build Ohio Award – Sponsored by the Association of General Contractors

Location: Toledo, Ohio